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Creating a new EverPunk!

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Do you have some ETH? Connect to metamask and mint while you can!

+-Contract Info

    If you wanna see real time info about the smart contract status you need to use Metamask and be connected to the Ethereum main network.

+-Minting Options

    Pre Sale WL

    Pre Sale will be very special for our Whitelisted members because they will enjoy a special price of 0.02 ETH and the option to mint a custom EverPunk, with selected skin, haircut, clothes and more.

    There will be just 1000 custom EverPunks, and their creators will receive a 1% of royalties in second markets sells.

    Pre Sale

    We hope our members will use their EverPunks as avatar images, so we will let the first owners to choose two primary traits (Genre and Skin).

    The Pre Sale will finish with the 5000th EverPunk, and the regular price will be 0.04 ETH.

    Public Sale

    Half of all EverPunks will be created randomly from the options left.

    The public minting price will be 0.05 ETH and the creation of the EverPunk will be random.

    So better get whitelisted.